We hope that your visit to our site can be pleasant and bring you peace. The Monastery of the Angels, that having fraternity in Russia, Estonia, Scotland and soon in Italy, was founded in 1966. In that year some of us, belonging to different Christian churches, all in Apostolic Succession, eager to live the Gospel like the early Christians, they moved from the monasteries of origin to unite and give birth to a new community of brothers observing poverty and vegan food.

A house without water, light and heating was given to them in concession, and in the purest happiness we began our new life in prayer, silence and love. We stayed there for 11 years with frequent visits from friends and confreres from all over the world and raising animals for the sole purpose of saving them. Only in 1977 a generous family gave us the big house where the current monastery is now located and soon our number grew with brothers who joined us from all over the world to live in poverty, in love of neighbor and some animals. Since then our community has grown and every year the requests we receive to join us are increasingly numerous.

We are all priests ordained in Apostolic Succession, mainly of Orthodox origin, but also Catholic. Our monastic liturgical practice goes back to the first Christian communities and to the Eastern Orthodox tradition; we profess the "real way" of monasticism - the preferred form of monasticism supported by St. Paisios, St. Peter of Damascus and don Serafino Rosa. Although the current resident monks are mostly Orthodox Christians, the community is not affiliated with any specific Orthodox jurisdiction or under any bishop of national Churches. However we are not in controversy with anyone and we accept anyone who wants to join our ecumenical monastery. We adopt, in addition to the four Canonical Gospels, the Gospel of the 12 Apostles, of which the tradition has given us an ancient manuscript in Aramaic. We study early Christianity through the Apostolic Fathers and the Fathers of the Church, we hold Bible courses for our confreres and for the laity. We are all exicasti masters, we practice Deep Meditation and we spread it all over the world.

Here we welcome men and women of every religion, of every cultural tendency and custom, of every opinion and color, of thought or simply wandering. Ours is a community of "yes" and never of "no", possessing nothing and we use our strength and our work to help the poor, animals, rescue friends and pray for non-friends, to advance the mind and the Spirit and proceed in the way indicated by Christ. Animals are welcome with us because nature is an expression of the glory of God.

In nature we passionately desire to live the monastic life, pursue the path of knowledge, spread respect for creation, for animals together with our brothers and lay Christians, to adore Christ authentically and intensely as our Brother and Master. The evangelical virtues of poverty and unconditional love for brothers and animals are essential means for progressing along the way. Poverty and study reveal in man the ambition of his passions, his desires, his illusions and open the way to inner silence, prelude to listening, to purification and to the realization of the project that God has on every living being: knowledge of themselves and of God. This journey is being prepared by studying Sacred Scripture, living the monastic and liturgical life, but also by committing to live in real life by pursuing the Good, opening up to the world, listening to the difficulties and desires of our contemporaries.

Practicing Transcendental Hesychasm and participating in the mysteries of the life, death and resurrection of Christ in daily liturgical services leads to the real change of our inner self. Reciting the Psalms, spending time in prayerful and silent prayer, together with our daily work and study, aims to help us follow the invitation of the Gospel to love and compassion.
We do not feed on animals or their derivatives, in observance of the precepts of Christ, in the tradition of the first Christians who see Jesus as the first who preached love for all living beings, without exception.
With our mutual love and understanding as children of the same God, we hope to show that it is possible to live in peace in the care of nature and in harmony for the benefit and well-being of every creature.
We hope that all those who come on our way will find in us a source of generous hospitality, inspiration and encouragement to seek the will of God and to respond with a yes to the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Monastery of the Angels

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