Who are the Companions of the Monastery ?  The Companions of the Monastery is a fellowship of lay people who seek to be formally connected with the Monastery  Communities in order to deepen their spiritual lives.
Through their connection with Monastery they look to incorporate monastic values that help them live out the call of the Gospel in a lay setting at the same time as helping to support Sactuary in its mission. Many of them come to take courses on Esychasm or help us with the animals or promote initiatives to support us.

This enrichment program serves those who seek to integrate prayer and spirituality in their daily activities, and enhances the individuals' vocations as members vis-à-vis their commitment to their own Christian life.

We all realize that today’s society moves at a breathtaking pace and that it is all too easy to be swept up in competing demands that leave us spiritually adrift. To live a balanced spiritual life that is rooted in a serious practice of prayer, seekers need wise structure that brings discipline and focus to their deepest desires.

For many years we have been aware that a wide group of friends resonate deeply with the spiritual message of the community and would wish to be connected with sactuary in a more formal way, while still maintaining their life in the world. Being our friends these people are able to benefit from the wisdom present in our monastic communities.

They follow a realistic rule of life, wear a distinctive cross, have access to web resources dedicated specifically to the Companions, and help support the spiritual mission of Monastery.

Do you want to apply for be a companion ? Write us an email in the contact page.


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