Are you really happy ?

The Transcendental Esychasm® is the answer to all the questions: where I come from, who I am, where I am directed.

Meditation and esychastic contemplation have always been the possibility of living the divine presence in our life through the knowledge of ourselves. The Esychasm is not an abstract theory or philosophy, nor is it a practice of physical or psychological well-being, but an experience, alive, practical, a path that leads to the knowledge of oneself and the encounter with God, something extremely real and concrete.


A way totally contrary to the "world" mentality, in which we are immersed since the first years of our life and that many believe to be the only dimension in which life takes place in the universe. Transcendental Esychasm is an ancient ascetic discipline composed of three branches: deep meditation, contemplation and prayer. It is the ancient practice of the Fathers of the Desert that consists in the full knowledge of oneself and in the encounter with God: a practice that comes from traditions present in similar forms also in other cultures, even if very distant, handed down over the centuries in every detail; it is like digging a channel into ourselves through awareness, then waiting for the moment when God, with His Grace, will turn it into a river. A river that can in some cases flow to a great ocean of spiritual peace, when in the end we forget all the techniques, we abrogate all human knowledge to welcome divine knowledge within us.

Transcendental Esychasm is an intense and memorable experience that can lead to a wonderful change of life.

It is aimed at all those who ask themselves or who want to give an answer to the question: "Am I really happy?"

Deep Meditation is the first step of the Transcendental Esychasm® and is a form of meditation already spread from the early years of Christianity which over the centuries has been the basis of Christian-Eastern monasticism, a pillar of spirituality that has so far characterized of Eastern Christian Orthodoxy. Its purpose is the happiness of man in the encounter with oneself and, through awareness, with God. This immense and complex patrimony was spread by the Fathers of the Desert to us through important ascetic schools and almost never in writing: the tradition sees its diffusion with the oral teaching of the Masters to the monks students. Only recently the Deep Esicastic Meditation has begun a phase of important divulgation towards the laity and has also seen its regulation and crystallization in 33 degrees: from the first degree to the twelfth, deep meditation; from the thirteenth to the twenty-seventh, contemplation; from the twenty-eight to the thirty-third, prayer. Deep Meditaion is also for those who are not belivers, Orthodox or Christians, but have an open mind to the absolute.

Deep Meditation is still at the base of our spirituality, the Eastern Orthodox Church, which has origins with the very birth of Christianity. Meditation is not only a precise "technique" that allows one to achieve happiness through the awareness of oneself and one's relationship with God, but the origin of the true spirituality of being. Once it was handed down only in some monasteries, which represent our still today the great schools of the world, but now some Masters have been sent to spread this knowledge among the laity.

There is so much confusion around the term Meditation around the world. Many people use the term improperly. It is often thought that meditation is synonymous with thinking intensely or fantasizing or, worse, relaxing. None of this: Meditation is the first branch of the Transcendental Asylum, which aims to bring a person to awareness and to find answers to the fundamental questions of life: who I am, where I come from, where I am directed.


Meditation is not part of a religion but a universal method that even the laity and the members of all religions can learn today.

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