Residence Arrangements

It is possible to stay as a guest for a day or several days, during the week or weekends, even individually. To book we ask to write an email, we do not accept bookings via phone.


Some guests find certain times of the year (Holy Week, Christmas, summer ...) very popular and ask to indicate other periods for a more solitary stop: we highly recommend the weekdays of February, March, November and December, particularly quiet and peaceful, suitable to share the daily rhythm of community life and to stay with the animals.


Those who wish to take part in the courses of Transcendental Esychams, Deep Orthodox Meditation, or retreats in general are asked to book well in advance, but only if they are sure to participate: canceling the reservation at the last moment or, worse, not presenting themselves without warn, subtract the place from other participants!


Please note that the formative nature of courses and retreats requires the presence throughout their duration: partial applications are excluded.


Accommodation is in single, double, or multi-bed rooms, with toilets in the room or in common. You are asked to bring along sheets (or sleeping bag), pillowcase and towels, comfortable clothes and what is necessary for personal hygiene. It is not allowed to dress with animal skin (fur, leather jackets, etc.). Camper parking is not permitted.


We recall that the community does not receive any kind of funding and only lives on the income from its members' work: with this spirit it wants to remain a place of welcome open to all. For the expenses of hospitality we ask everyone to participate freely in the measure of his possibilities.


The possibility of not excluding any guest for economic reasons depends on our work and your sensitivity.

Prayer time at the Monastery

Weekday and Festive

(Guests are not required to respect this schedule):

06.00: Office of Readings

07.00: Breakfast

07.30: Morning prayer

08.00: Work or study (Weekday only)

09.00: Third hour prayer (Weekday only)

11.00: Divine Liturgy (Mass, Festive only)

12.00: Midday prayer (Weekday only)

12.15: Lunch

15.00: Ninth hour prayer (Weekday only)

15.15: Work or study (Weekday only)

18.30: Evening Prayer

19.00: Dinner

21.00: Compline

21.30: Great Silence

01.00: Night prayer (except Saturday or pre-holidays)

Guests' time of day

Guests who take part in courses or retreats must be sent the appropriate time. Those who stay freely have no obligations. There are no return times and the guest is in complete freedom except the respect of the following if guests also for meals:

7/8: Breakfast

Ore 12.15: Lunch

Ore 19: Dinner

Ore 21.30: Great Silence

The Monastery of the Angels

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