The art of living with animals. For many of us, the love for creation is deepened through the relationships that we form with our pets: often they are dogs or cats. For those who live in the Monastery are all the animals of every species and race, especially if they have been saved from a certain death because "meat animals".


By their very nature and necessity our animal brothers take us out of ourselves: they root us in nature, making us more aware of the mystery of God inherent in all things.

We can not but delight in recognizing the mystery of God far and wide in our daily life. In our particular monastic context we have had the privilege of sharing this in a special way with our animals that in very natural ways have taught us many important lessons about life, ourselves and God.


Now we have almost 450 guests: many hens and birds of all kinds, rabbits, wild boars, horses, deer, cows, calves, goats, sheep, bears, dogs, cats and other wonderful species. We love them and treat them as brothers because they are: each of them has a name. Each of them has a story.

The Monastery of the Angels

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